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Neha Kakkar was distributing 500 notes to poor children, something happened that the car had to be run away

A video of Neha Kakkar is going viral on social media. In this video, Singer is seen distributing Rs 500 notes. Soon it happened to her that the driver had to drive away.

New Delhi: Neha Kakkar is very active on social media and if she is not active then her videos start going viral. Recently a video of the actress is going viral. In which she is seen crying upset. Seeing this video of the singer, her fans got very upset and are talking about different things.

Neha surrounded

A video of Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar is becoming fiercely viral on the internet, in which she is seen crying while sitting in the car. This video is of a restaurant, from which Neha Kakkar came out after having food. When Neha Kakkar was leaving in her car, suddenly some children came there and they started making noise.

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Crying neha

It is seen in the video that these children were asking for money from Neha, when the guards came there. The guard tried to remove the children, only then there started to be screaming. Seeing this, there was so much noise and noise that Neha Kakkar’s eyes started pouring out. It can be clearly seen in the video that Neha Kakkar got very nervous and sat down with her back towards the car window.

Fans got angry

With this video, the fans are expressing their displeasure that how the people standing there were watching all this spectacle. Fans are questioning that why the paparazzi who keeps walking in front of the celebrity did not explain or remove the children during this incident. At the same time, some people are also saying that these children are thieves, not beggars. Well, whatever the case may be, but the fans are saddened to see singer Neha Kakkar crying.



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