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Neither the horse nor the cart, the bridegroom reached directly with JCB to bring the bride; then something like this happened

Bride Groom News: When no other means could be found to go to the bride’s house in the wedding, then the groom thought it right to go to the JCB machine. The groom returned with the bride amidst heavy snowfall.

Nowadays the season of weddings has started. People bring processions from far and wide for marriage. However, in the meantime a case has come to the fore which is shocking. Actually, when snowfall and rain became a hindrance for a groom and the way was closed, the groom reached to pick up the bride with a JCB machine. As soon as they arrived, all the wedding rituals were performed in the in-laws’ house and then the groom returned home with the bride. By the way, if you are thinking that this is a film story, then it is not so, but it has actually happened. The groom coming to the bride’s house from JCB was not a hobby but a compulsion.

Due to heavy snowfall, the groom arrived with JCB

According to media reports, this matter is of Sangrah village of Giripar area on Sunday. It happened here that on Sunday morning the procession left for Ratwa village from Sangrah. In such a situation, due to heavy snowfall, the procession could only go till Dalyanu. During this the road ahead was closed, so it was impossible to go further from there.

The groom covered 30 km with JCB machine

Seeing all this, the groom’s father Jagat Singh arranged for a JCB machine to go ahead, in which the groom traveled 30 km. Groom Vijay Prakash, brother Surendra, father Jagat Singh and photographer reached Ratwa village sitting in JCB. After that performed all the rituals of marriage there and all returned with the bride.

Two hours journey completed in 12 hours

The procession was to reach at eight in the morning as per the Muhurta, but due to heavy snowfall on the Gattadhar Sangrah road, the route had to be chosen via Paonta Sahib. Yes, and in many places, vehicles had to be changed on foot. In such a situation, the journey which was to be decided in two hours was completed in about 12 hours due to the closure of the route. Although the groom managed to bring the bride.



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