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New Bank Account: Big Update! Now the hassle of maintaining minimum balance is over! Bank introduced this new account, check update

Bank Of Baroda Scheme: Bank of Baroda has started a special account to attract more and more customers. People have got relief with the launch of this account in this festival season.

Actually, no person can maintain minimum balance in this account. That is, if understood in simple language, no person is required to maintain minimum balance in this bank account. Generally, whenever any kind of account is opened in all banks, it is asked to maintain minimum balance in it.

Whereas Bank of Baroda does not ask people to maintain any kind of balance in this account, it has been implemented keeping in mind the need of the people if you are maintaining a very nominal minimum balance on quarterly basis. . So you can also get free Rupee Platinum Debit Card for live time from here. You can easily use it in any ATM machine.

Any person above 10 years of age can open this account. That is, the age of the account holder should be between 10 years to 14 years because the remaining balance cannot exceed Rs 10,000. Whereas for Platinum Card, the minimum balance to be maintained has been fixed at Rs 3,000 in all metro cities on quarterly basis.

Whereas in small towns Rs 2,000 will be charged and in rural areas Rs 1,000 will be charged. Keep in mind that if the minimum balance for the card is not maintained, then a penalty may have to be paid in a year. You will also be given a 30 page check book for free in this account.

Enjoy from here

Bank of Baroda has tied up with companies from sectors including electronics, food, fashion, health, durables, consumer etc to avail this facility to the people. If you want, you can also use the bank’s credit and debit cards to avail the benefits of tie-ups with companies. The bank has started this offer yesterday especially in this festival season.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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