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New Electricity Service: Now the electricity meter will be connected to the mobile, door-to-door reading will stop

New Electricity Service: Under the Central Government’s RDSS scheme, the Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Company is now going to install smart meters. The company has got approval to install a total of 41 lakh 35 thousand 791 smart meters. Under this, the meters of all consumers except the agricultural category are to be replaced with smart meters.

New Electricity Service: In Part-1 of the Smart Meter Project, smart meters are to be installed at a total of 9 lakh 77 thousand 48 electricity consumers, 9 thousand 477 electricity sub-stations, feeders and 1 lakh 55 thousand 515 distribution transformers. This work of installing smart meters at the electricity consumers’ places is to be done mainly in Bhopal, Sehore, Vidisha, Narmadapuram, Gwalior, Datia, Bhind, Morena, Guna and Shivpuri districts.

This project is being started from Bhopal (city) circle, where a total of 2 lakh 8 thousand 128 smart meters are to be installed. At least 57 thousand 102 smart meters are to be installed by AMIPS by 13 October 2024. After this, at least 54 thousand 247 smart meters are to be installed every month and 11 lakh 42 thousand 40 smart meters are to be installed by 13 June 2026.

Under the Smart Meter Project, first of all 11 KV feeder wise consumer indexing work will be done, under which all the details of each distribution transformer and its connected electricity connections will be submitted by the surveyors on a mobile app. During the survey, along with the GPS location of the electricity connections, the actual condition of the meter and service line will also be checked on the spot. If necessary, the work of changing the service line and shifting the meter will also be done for installing meters in consumer establishments.

Benefits of Smart Meter

  • Waiver of security money and first recharge from pre-deposited security money.
  • 25 paise per unit discount in domestic and non-domestic (commercial) bills as per current tariff and other energy-charge related charges calculated at reduced electricity rate.
  • 0-5 percent discount (minimum Rs. 5) on bill amount on every payment. There is no maximum limit of discount in domestic category while maximum limit of discount in other categories is Rs. 20.
  • Facility of recharge without electrical disconnection for next 3 days even after the balance in the meter is over.
  • Updated (real time) information of electricity consumption and the electric load being used is available in mobile every 15 minutes, which will help in reducing electricity bill by economical use of electricity.
  • Daily information of balance amount related to electricity consumption is available in mobile app and portal.
  • Get rid of human error in meter reading every month and repeated visits to electricity office for correction of electricity bills.
  • Automatic cognizance of power disruption in case of power supply disruption to power lines, distribution transformers or any consumer and immediate restoration of power supply.
  • No need to buy new meter-modem in future on taking solar roof top connection.
  • So far, about 10 lakh smart meters have been successfully installed in more than 20 districts including Indore, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.
Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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