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New Leave Policy: Big Update: Government employees jumped with joy, the new leave policy will now get so many holidays, view details

New Leave Policy: Let’s say that when the new leave policy has already been implemented, you need to understand that when you can get leave. It has been decided to give 42 days leave to the employees from the government, but let us tell you under what conditions this leave will be given.

There has been news of a big relief for government employees. A new leave policy has been announced by the Central Government some time ago. In which now under Special Casual Leave (Special Casual Leave) employees will get more holidays than before. Let us tell you that the new leave policy has already been announced, so now you should understand when and how much leave you will get.

Let us tell you that now it has been decided to give a total of 42 days of holidays to the central government employees. However, for this you need to know in which conditions you will get these holidays.

If a central employee donates any organ, he will get the facility of 42 days special casual leave. About which information has been given by the DoPT by publishing an official memorandum. Let us tell you that if an employee donates any part of the body, it will be considered as the biggest surgery. For this, the employee will be given 42 days leave for recovery.

Moreover, as per the existing rules, up to 30 leaves are granted to the employees in the form of casual leave in any calendar year. While the employees will be given a maximum of 42 days special leave for helping a person and promoting organ donation among central employees, the rules have also been decided.

Let them know that the rules of the new leave policy have been implemented from the month of April. Information about these holidays has been given in the memorandum given by DoPT. This order is applicable to all employees under CCS rule.

However, some employees will not benefit from this rule. Let us tell you that these rules are only for some employees. While this rule will not apply to Railway employees, All India Service employees.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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