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New Rules 1st August 2021: Rules related to ATM, salary, pension, EMI and post office are changing from today

New Rules 1st August 2021: Many rules related to finance, banking, post office and other sectors are changing from today. With the implementation of the new rules, where you will now get salary on a holiday. At the same time, more money will have to be paid for ATM. Let us know what are those rules which are changing from today and how will they affect your life.

Now salary will come even on holiday 

If a salaried person is asked when he gets the salary, then his direct answer is that the salary will be credited on the working day of the bank. But due to the change in the rules from today, now the salary will come in the account even on the day of the holiday. This is because the Reserve Bank of India had announced that the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) will be available to all from August 1. Due to the new rules of reserve, where salary and pension will be available even on the day of vacation. At the same time, EMI, mutual fund installment, gas, telephone, electricity bill, water bill can also be paid anytime.

ICICI Bank charges 

ICICI Bank has changed the rules for cash transactions, ATM interchange and check book charges for savings account holders. These new rules are effective from today. According to the information given on the bank’s website, customers in six metro cities will be able to do only 3 transactions for free within a month. Subsequent transactions will be charged. At the same time, five transactions have been exempted for other locations. For transactions above the limit, the bank will charge Rs 20. This charge will be per financial transaction. At the same time, a charge of Rs 8.50 will be levied on non-financial transactions. Let us tell you that ICICI Bank has allowed a total of 4 free cash transactions per month. At the same time, after withdrawing money 4 times, you have to pay a charge.

Apart from this, there will be no charge for cash withdrawal up to Rs 1 lakh in a month from the home branch. But for cash transactions above Rs 1 lakh, Rs 150 will have to be paid.

Money will have to be paid for these banking facilities from August 1 

In July, Indian Post Payment Bank (IPPB) had said that now the door step banking facility will have to be charged. According to IPPB, now every time for door step banking facility, Rs 20 plus GST will have to be paid. Till now this service was completely free. That is, now for post office related schemes like Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, if you take services at home, then 20 rupees will have to be charged.

Cash withdrawal from ATM will be expensive 

In June itself, the Reserve Bank of India had said in its notification that from August 1, the interchange fee of ATMs has been increased from Rs 15 to Rs 17. Reserve Bank of India has increased the interchange fee after 9 years. This increase has been made keeping in mind the expenditure on ATMs and future expansion plans. Whereas the fee on non-financial transactions has also been increased from Rs 5 to Rs 6.


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