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Nick became uncontrollable after seeing Priyanka in the concert, did such an act, the actors became red with shame

Bollywood actress and Bollywood’s Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra is one of those actresses who is famous for her superstar style and because of this she often makes headlines from the media. Rather, their personal preference is also always great. This is also one of the reasons why her husband Nick Jonas is also seen flaunting her in the point style game when her slim-trim figure is dressed in stylish clothes. Exactly the same look of the actress was seen when she came to attend a live concert of Nick Jonas. During this, she was looking so beautiful that even Nick Jonas could not stop herself from kissing after seeing her.

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It is the beginning of the year 2020 in Florida, when a concert of the Jonas Brothers took place and they were asked to perform there. While Nick-Kevin and Joe Jonas were winning hearts with their music sessions on stage, Priyanka-Daniel and Sophie Turner were seen cheering on them. Yes, that thing is different that as soon as the clock strikes 12, the whole family starts wishing each other a Happy New Year.

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During this Priyanka and Nick also come on stage. First Nick puts his drink in Priyanka’s hand and then starts kissing his wife in front of his fans. Seeing this, the people standing there started supporting the relationship of this couple.

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Talking about this story, during this time Priyanka was wearing a very hot look and fitted outfit, in which Priyanka looked very beautiful, the actress wore a pink colored A-line dress, whose fitting and length exactly matched the figure of the actress. Used to eat was complementary.

There is no doubt that Priyanka’s figure is wreaking havoc in a fitted dress and Priyanka is looking very beautiful in a pink dress. The hidden zip was also used on the side of the dress, which was tremendously increasing the style quotient of the entire look. By the way, let us tell you that Priyanka had spent the entire 64000 rupees on this dress.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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