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Nora Fatehi became a victim of Oops Moment at the award function wearing a bo*ld dress, watch the video

Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi has always been in limelight due to her bo*ld dress. But once Nora reached the award function wearing such a bo*ld dress that seeing on camera, her dress started slipping down.

New Delhi: When it comes to dress and to go to an event or award function, Bollywood beauties choose such a dress that many times the viewers fall into the thought of what the actress is wearing. Actresses sometimes wear such a bo*ld dress that they find it difficult to handle that dress themselves. Something similar has happened with actress Nora Fatehi. Nora had arrived in an award function wearing such a bo*ld dress that gradually her dress started slipping down. After this Nora started fixing her dress in front of the media.

This story is from the year 2018

This incident happened with Nora in the ‘Lux Golden Rose Awards’ function of the year 2018. In this award show, Nora went as usual wearing a bo*ld dress. As soon as Nora reached the red carpet wearing an off shoulder dress, the cameras turned towards her.

Wore off shoulder dress

In this award function, Nora arrived wearing a cream color off-shoulder very tight gown. Nora was looking very beautiful in this dress. Wearing this dress, as soon as Nora came on the red carpet to talk to the media, she was seen adjusting her dress several times. She was even seen repeatedly sliding the dress upwards. Seeing Nora in the video, it is clear that the actress is very uncomfortable in this dress.

The pose given while handling the dress

In the video you will see that Nora is finding it difficult to handle this dress. Although the actress somehow handled this dress and posed fiercely on the red carpet. This video of Nora was very much discussed at that time. However, this is not the first time that the actress has become a victim of Oops Moment while fixing her dress in this way. Even before this, Nora has been in the grip of Oops Moment many times because of her dress.



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