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Nora Fatehi brought the dark truth of Bollywood in front of the world, said: Will have to sell body to do the film, narrated the story

As you know, in today’s time everyone is crazy behind the glamorous! But due to this glamorous, many times he has to face such difficulties that he breaks down completely and one such sentence has happened with Bollywood’s famous actress and dancer Nora Fatehi Ali Khan! The actress has also spoken openly about this thing, while on one hand the actress did not have to face the casting couch but something different happened to her!

Actually today we are going to tell you through this article what happened to the actress, while the actress revealed this in Kareena Kapoor’s popular show What Women Want! And in this chat show, Nora Fatehi Ali Khan revealed many things related to her career, while he has even told that once a casting director had called her at home and there was a lot of data and her Jat beautiful actress India Was about to leave because she was in too much pain for that scolding!

In fact, when the actress first came to India to take her career forward, she did not know anyone, then only after a few months she met the casting director and this meeting was not very good, so the actress told that she was a casting director whom she met after a few months of coming to India, she further explains that he made her feel as if she had packed her bags and was ready to leave India. Said that there are many people like you here, our industry is sick of people like you, she was shouting at them!

The same Nora Fatehi Ali Khan also tells that during that time she felt very bad because she herself did not go to her but she had called the actress to her house, she did not even know her, while the actress says that she only shouted. I was not in this country, so they thought that everyone here behaves like this, call people at home and shout at them!




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