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Nora Fatehi did not become the queen of dance just like that, she has eaten for the sake of this passion, yet did not give up her stubbornness!

Nora Fatehi Struggle: Nora Fatehi is not just called the queen of dance. Her passion for dance is visible from her face to the moves. It is really difficult to say for Nora Dance or for Dance Nora. But becoming a performer was not that easy for Nora.

Nora is top in beauty

If we talk about the most beautiful celebrity of Bollywood, then Nora Fatehi’s name will come on the top list. Nora Fatehi, who is often in discussion about her beauty and style, has a wonderful talent and that is dance. Nora is nothing without dance.

Nora is a dance addict

Nora is crazy about dance and this thing is not hidden from anyone. She gets dance energy and that’s why she does not let any opportunity of dance go by her hands. But do you know how expensive this passion of dance cost Nora. Nora has even eaten for the sake of dance.

Used to dance secretly

Actually, there was a ban on dancing at Nora Fatehi’s house. Her parents did not like all this at all. So she had clearly refused Nora to dance. But Nora had an undying love for dance. That’s why she used to dance secretly.

Ditch for dance

At that time, Nora used to dance in the room hiding from her mother and father. But whenever her mother suddenly came into the room and saw Nora dancing, she used to scold and beat her a lot. And she was asked not to dance further.

Did not give up

Nora Fatehi was crazy about dance, so she killed, danced but never gave up on dance. And finally she decided to come to India. She brought the dream of becoming an actress to India. But after coming here, she had to struggle a long time.

Dream got flight

Eventually Nora got what she had left everything for and came to India. She proved herself. Not only as a dancer but also as a great performer. Today she is working in films, Nora needs no introduction anymore.



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