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Nora Fatehi had already done something like this on the demand of the casting director in the audition, the bo*ld video clip went viral

The video clip of dancer and actress Nora Fatehi’s first audition is going viral on social media. During this audition, Nora had acted on the demand of the casting director by acting in such a way that now fans like to watch these videos again and again.

New Delhi: There is such magic in the body and style of dancing sensation Nora Fatehi that she impresses everyone. Wherever Nora goes, she becomes the center of attention leaving the rest of the beauties behind. Nora has the talent to be the talk of the town since its inception. Now a very old video of the actress has surfaced which is also going viral.

First audition video

After seeing the looks in this video, even though it may take you some time to recognize that she is Nora Fatehi, but when you see her actions, you will immediately recognize her. This video is being told of Nora’s first audition. After giving her introduction in the video, everyone is quite surprised to see the act that Nora performed on the demand of the director.

Difficult to recognize without makeup

This video of Nora Fatehi is from the days of Struggle when she did not even step into Bollywood. In this video, even recognizing Nora is getting difficult. In the video, the actress is seen as a very simple girl without makeup. In the beginning of this video, Nora is seen writing everything about herself on a board.

Acting in different situations

In the beginning of the video, Nora Fatehi introduces herself and also tells about her age. Nora Fatehi was only 20 years old at the time of this video. Nora Fatehi is seen acting on different situations in the video. Netizens like to watch this video of Nora Fatehi again and again.

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Provides updates on social media

Let us tell you that Nora Fatehi dominates her sensational dance as well as her daring looks. Every day, pictures and videos of Nora Fatehi’s hot and bo*ld looks keep coming out. Fans eagerly wait for the latest updates related to Nora. Let us tell you that the actress is also very active on social media and keeps sharing updates related to her personal and professional life every day.





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