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Notice! From matchbox to gas cylinder and watching TV became expensive, know whose prices increased?

Changes 1 December 2021: The new month has started from today and from 1st December the impact of inflation on the general public will increase even more. 6 big changes are going to happen from today, in which you will have to spend more money than before. From match boxes, gas cylinders, watching TV and talking on the phone will also become expensive. Let us tell you what are the big changes happening from today-

Gas cylinder
Gas cylinder

Gas cylinder has become expensive – From December 1, you will have to spend more money for a gas cylinder. Government oil companies have increased the prices of gas cylinders by Rs 100. Let us tell you that this increase has been done on commercial cylinders. There is no change in domestic gas prices. The rate of commercial cylinder in Delhi has gone up to Rs 2101.

Matchbox become expensive – After 14 years, the rates of matchboxes have increased. From today you will have to spend 2 rupees instead of 1 rupee to buy a match box. Earlier in the year 2007, the price of a matchbox was increased from 50 paise to Re 1.

Reliance Jio increased tariff rates – Apart from this, the Reliance user has also got a big setback. From today i.e. from December 1, Reliance Jio has also made its recharge expensive. Jio has increased the prices of many plans with validity from 24 days to 365 days. Apart from this, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have also increased the tariff rates at the end of November. Prepaid customers of Reliance Jio will have to pay 8 to 20 percent more money.

More money will have to be spent on SBI credit card – If you buy through EMI from SBI credit card from 1st December i.e. today, then you will have to spend more money. From December 1, 2021, you will have to spend Rs 99 more on all EMI purchases. Let us tell you that if you buy on EMI from retail outlets and e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, then you will have to pay processing fee.

PNB cuts interest rates – PNB’s savings account holders have also got a big setback. The bank has cut interest rates on savings accounts. The bank has reduced the annual interest rate from 2.90 percent to 2.80 percent. Let us tell you that the new rates of the bank have come into effect from 1st December i.e. today.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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