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Now book Gas Cylinder through Missed Call and WhatsApp without spending money, know the easiest way

With the advent of digital platforms, it has now become easy to book a gas cylinder. Now you can book a cylinder sitting at home without any queue. But what if you do not have the money to call or message to book a cylinder in your mobile. Today we are going to make this problem easy for you. If you do not have money in your phone, then you can book gas cylinder using WhatsApp or missed call. India’s largest petroleum companies such as Bharat Gas, Indane Gas and HP Gas are offering customers the service of booking cylinders through WhatsApp. Let us know how you can book gas in seconds through WhatsApp and missed call and what are the booking numbers:

Cylinder will also be booked by giving a missed call

Now you can book a gas cylinder by giving a missed call. For this Indane LPG customers can give a missed call on 8454955555, BPCL customers on 7710955555 and HP customers on 9493602222.

Indane Gas users can book such cylinders through WhatsApp,

customers of Indane Gas can book on number 7588888824. Consumers save this number 7588888824 in their mobile. After that open WhatsApp. Open the saved number and send it by typing BOOK or REFILL# from that registered number. The reply to the completion of the order will come as soon as it is sent by typing REFILL# The date of delivery of cylinder booking will also be written in the reply.

HP customers can book cylinders through WhatsApp in this way,

HP customers save this number 9222201122 in their mobile. After saving this number, open WhatsApp and open the saved number. Write a book on the number of the saved HP gas cylinder and send it. The order details will come on WhatsApp itself as soon as you send a book to this number of HP Gas from your registered number. In this complete details including the delivery date of the cylinder will be written.

Bharat Gas customers book cylinders on WhatsApp like this

For booking Bharat Gas, you will have to save the number 1800224344 in your mobile. After saving the number, you have to go to WhatsApp. After this, open the saved Bharat Gas ie Bharat Petroleum Smart Line Number. After this send it on WhatsApp by writing Hii, Hello. A reply will come immediately, which will be welcomed by the agency on WhatsApp. Whenever you want to book a cylinder, just send it by writing a book on WhatsApp. As soon as you send the book by writing, you will get the order details and on which day the cylinder will be delivered, it will also come by writing on WhatsApp.

Let us tell you that this facility will be available only after registering the number , the facility of booking cylinder through WhatsApp and missed call will be available only on the number which is registered with your agency. You cannot book a gas cylinder without registering.

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