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NPS Calculator: If you save Rs 25 daily, you will get Rs 37.4 lakh, pension tension will be removed

National Pension System Calculator: If there is tension of pension for retirement then forget it. The best solution is National Pension System (NPS). This is such a plan, from which not only the retirement fund is prepared, but you also get a good amount in lump sum. By saving just Rs 25 a day, you can get a pension of Rs 7,500 every month. However, if a little more risk is taken, then the monthly pension can be Rs 9800 or more. For example, suppose you are 25 years old and you save Rs 25 every day from the first day of your job, then save a total of Rs 750 in a month. Invest it and your tension goes away.

Investment of only Rs 750 for 35 years

If a person invests in traditional instruments like National Pension System (NPS investment) for 35 years, then he can get a pension of 7500 rupees every month. Not only this, a lump sum benefit of Rs 22.5 lakh will also be available in NPS.

What is the calculation of NPS?

Adopt a slightly conservative method for investing in the National Pension Scheme. Invest 50% of your funds in equity and the rest in government and corporate bonds. The investment pattern will give an annual return of 11%. According to the National Payment System Calculator, by investing just Rs 750 every month, you will get Rs 37.4 lakh after 35 years.

Calculate like this to get maximum benefit

According to the NPS rules, after 60 years, you will get a lump sum of Rs 22.4 lakh and the remaining Rs 15 lakh will go into the annuity. According to the 6 percent annuity plan rate, you will get a pension of Rs 7,470 every month for the whole life. If you take a little risk, you can invest 75 percent of the amount in equity. On this you can get an average return of 12 percent annually. In this situation the total amount will be Rs 49 lakh. In this, about 30 lakh rupees will be available on retirement. You will get a pension of Rs 9750 per month through annuity from Rs 19 lakh.

Pension will not be available in PPF, Mutual Fund

According to experts, investing Rs 750 per month is very economical. But, for this, the habit of investing has to be inculcated from the beginning. If you want to invest in Public Provident Fund (PPF) or Mutual Fund (SIP) then this can also prove to be a safe investment option. Safe investment can be found in these too, but they do not get the facility of pension like NPS.



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