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Nysa Devgn Birthday: Ajay Devgan’s darling turned 19 years old, completely changed in two years

Whenever there is talk of Starkids, the name of Nysa Devgn is also taken. Ajay Devgan’s beloved Nysa Devgan has turned 19 today. Nysa, who is far away from the limelight, has changed her personality a lot over time and today we will take a look at the same transformation.

Nysa’s birthday

The pictures of Nysa Devgan keep going viral on social media every day. Every time Nysa surprises the fans a lot with her bo*ld style. The changes that Nysa has made in her in the last few years are commendable.

Nysa has gone to mother

The look of Nysa Devgan has completely gone on the mother. Whenever the two are spotted together, they become a topic of discussion.

Changed appearance by going abroad

Nysa Devgan is studying abroad. Ever since she shifted abroad, she has completely changed. Nysa has gone there and started wearing stylish dresses, everyone is surprised to see her transformation.

Getting bo*ld with time

Nysa Devgan is becoming even more bo*ld with the increasing age. Her changing personality is enough to injure people.

Pictures go viral

Nysa Devgan has a lot of fun abroad. Whenever she goes to hang out with friends, she shares the pictures there on the internet. These pictures are fiercely viral on the internet.




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