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One Nation, One Ration Card Yojna: Rajasthan is now under the purview of One Nation, One Ration Card, see the list of all 12 states

One Nation, One Ration Card: Rajasthan has become the 12th state under the ambit of one nation, one ration card. It was told by the Finance Ministry that after coming under this purview, it has allowed Rajasthan to take an additional loan of Rs 2,731 crore. Earlier, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh One Nation have come under the purview of One Ration Card. The Ministry said that on completion of reform of One Nation, One Ration Card system, these 12 states have been allowed by the Department of Expenditure to raise additional borrowing of Rs 33,440 crore.

1. Andhra Pradesh: Rs 2,525 crore

2. Goa: Rs 223 crore

3. Gujarat: Rs 4,352 crore

4. Haryana: Rs 2,146 crore

5. Karnataka: Rs 4,509 crore

6. Kerala: Rs 2,261 crore

7. Madhya Pradesh: Rs 2,373 crore

8. Rajasthan: Rs 2,731 crore

9. Tamil Nadu: Rs 4,813 crore

10. Telangana: Rs 2,508 crore

11. Tripura: 148 crores

12. Uttar Pradesh: Rs 4,851 crore

One country, one ration system is an important reform focused on citizens. Its implementation ensures availability of ration to beneficiaries especially migrant workers and their families at any ration card shop across the country under the National Food Security Act.

Ration Card Customer Alert: Many states including Bihar-UP have fixed the date for this work related to ration card, know everything about it

This reform empowers the migrant population by making self-reliance in food security that continuously changes their habitat such as laborers, daily salaried, urban poor such as homeless, waste pickers, temporary workers in organized and unorganized sectors. With this technology driven improvement, the migrant beneficiaries can avail the facility of electronic selling anywhere in the country from fair price shops with e-POS to get their food grains.

This reform has also enabled states to target beneficiaries in a better way, removing fake / duplicate / ineligible card holders, resulting in more fruitful schemes and benefits to ineligible people. In addition to ensuring inter-state use of ration cards, it is mandatory to link all ration cards with Aadhaar and biometric verification of beneficiaries through their automation by installing e-POS devices in all fair price shops.




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