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OTT Platforms: Piracy remains a major problem for OTT platforms, users are also at risk of data leaking

India is considered a big market for OTT platforms. But, these platforms are also facing the problem of piracy. OTT content is being shared through various file sharing platforms.

New Delhi. Advertising and subscription based video streaming services are also struggling with the problem of piracy. These services are losing 30 percent of their revenue annually. Popular shows like ‘Scam 1992’ on SonyLIV app and ‘Ashram’ on MX Player were leaked within an hour and a half of its launch. These services are not only facing the problem of password sharing, but popular shows are being circulated through file sharing platforms. Content is being shared through apps like Telegram and Popcorn Time. Users are taking advantage of the Torrent ecosystem through these applications.

A recently released KPMG report states that digital and over-the-top (OTT) content industry in India will grow at a rate of 17 per cent by FY 2021. By FY 2022, it will be a business of Rs 33,800 crore.

Experts say that this is a big problem for the OTT sector. There is still a lot of scope for this sector in India, but the problem of piracy can also cause a big setback. He says that piracy occurs in India for two reasons.

what is the digital intelligence unit going to form the government ? The main reason for piracy is
first, this piracy is because this product is not available in India at all. It would also happen that this product is available in India long after its launch internationally. The second reason is that the customer is not in a position to spend for this content. Currently, there are about 60 such OTT platforms, whose focus is on the Indian market.

Piracy threatens to leak personal information
He says that due to piracy, the business of OTT platforms falls two steps behind. Because of this problem, they are at risk of losing their potential customers. Many times, existing customers also start to access through pirated content. The problem of piracy has increased rapidly during lockdown. Piracy is also a double-edged sword. Sometimes cookies and bots of these platforms are also used to hack the system. Thus there is a risk of leaking personal information.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is already making preparations for anti-piracy regulations. OTT are also trying their level on platforms. For example, if you take a screenshot of a show on Netflix, you will get a black screen. At the same time, if you are resorting to offline download, then it will not be easily extracted from the device. YouTube gives this facility to its users.



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