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Palak Friends Calls Shweta Tiwari Hot: In front of Palak, mother Shweta is called a friend, the actress reacts as soon as she hears it

Palak Tiwari recently revealed that seeing her mother Shweta Tiwari, her friends call her hot. This statement of the actress is constantly making headlines.

Palak Friends Calls Shweta Tiwari Hot: Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari has made her own identity in a few days. Palak got so much fame from the song ‘Bijli-Bijli’ that she is constantly in the limelight. Recently, the actress said such a thing in an interview that you will be surprised to know.

Friends call mother hot

According to the news published in our associate web site Bollywoodlife, Palak Tiwari told many things in the interview given to the radio jockey. Talking about her friends, Palak Tiwari said that seeing my mother, friends call her hot. Palak further said about this- ‘I feel very good. When someone calls mother hot. When I was young, many times mom used to come to pick me up at school. That day my happiness was in seventh heaven. I used to think oh mom so hot and good looking, everyone will keep looking at her.

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Had yelled at friends

During this interview, Palak was asked whether her mother has ever been called hot by a male friend. In response, Palak said- ‘This thing is very strange. I had shouted at my friends about this thing many times.

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My mother will hit with a cylinder

Palak Tiwari said- ‘My friends never said that mom is their crush. But she definitely said that man your mom is hot. Hearing her words, I used to react that just now my mother will hit you with a rolling pin. Because people of my age are sons for them.

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‘Mangta Hai Kya?’ to release soon sing

Palak Tiwari is currently in the news for her upcoming song ‘Mangta Hai Kya?’. Has remained in the headlines about. The teaser of this song has been released in which Palak Tiwari’s song ‘Mangta Hai Kya?’ from Urmila Mantondkar’s film ‘Rangeela’ has been released. She is seen dancing on K remix. This song is releasing on 22nd April.



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