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PAN Card New Update: Do not do this mistake regarding PAN card, otherwise you will be fined 10 thousand

How to change name, address, date of birth and mobile number in PAN Card? Know here

PAN Card Update – Important news for PAN card holders. According to an update, it has been said that a fine of Rs 10,000 will be imposed for making this mistake regarding the PAN card.

PAN or Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit alphanumeric ID, which is an important legal identity card for Indians. This is your important document for the Income Tax Department, but it is very important that you have only one PAN card. Holding two PAN cards is not allowed. If you are caught with two PAN cards, the Income Tax Department can take action against you.

What if I have more than one PAN?

According to the rules of the Income Tax Department, if you have more than one PAN, you can be fined up to Rs 10,000.

How to get two PAN cards?

There can be many reasons behind having two PAN cards, such as-

Multiple applications-

It is possible that you applied for PAN and then it did not reach on time, then you applied again. Two pans were made from this.

There is a mistake in the PAN –

If there was a mistake in your PAN and instead of correcting it, you applied for a new one.

New PAN should be made after marriage-

Women often change their surname after marriage, after which it has to be changed in their PAN as well. In this case there can be two cards.

Due to fraud-

Some people keep multiple PAN cards together for fraud, which is illegal.

How to surrender PAN?

You can apply for surrender of PAN both offline and online.

How to surrender online?

You will have to fill the PAN Change Request application form, at the top of which you will have to enter the PAN number that you are using. Item no. In 11, you have to give the details of the second PAN. A copy of it will also have to be attached and then submitted by visiting the NSDL website.

How to surrender offline-

You have to fill Form 49A. Enter the details of the PAN card to be surrendered in the form. And submit this form to your nearest UTI or NSDL TIN Facilitation Center. Do keep its acknowledgment receipt. Write a letter to the Assessing Officer in your jurisdiction. You can find out who is the Juridiction Officer of your area on the website of the Income Tax Department.

In this letter, you will have to enter all the information entered on your PAN card. The details of the duplicate PAN card to be surrendered will also have to be given. You should also attest the copy of the duplicate card and the acknowledgment receipt received from NSDL TIN in it and submit it.

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