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PAN card: These important information are hidden in the PAN card number, you also know what they mean.

PAN card is a unique identification card which is also known as Permanent Account Number. PAN card is issued under Income Tax Act 139A.

If you have a PAN card , then you will know about its importance. Actually, Permanent Account Number i.e. PAN is not only used nowadays for tax related works but it is used for many other big and small works. Please tell that PAN card is a unique identity card which is also called a Permanent Account Number . Any person can use the PAN card as an ID proof for things other than taking a railway ticket, a new SIM card.

Let us tell you that PAN card number is a very special number of 10 number (Digit), but have you tried to know what these 10 code numbers written above the PAN card mean. In this report, we will try to know about the same code written on the PAN card.

This is the meaning of the 10 numbers written on the PAN card.

The first three digits of the number inscribed above the PAN card are English letters. These letters, inscribed above the PAN card, are decided by the Income Tax Department. At the same time, information about the states is obtained through the fourth letter. However, the fourth digit also remains English.

Meaning of fourth digit inscribed above PAN card

  • P- Single Person
  • F- Firm
  • C- Company
  • A- AOP (Association of Individuals)
  • T- Trust
  • H- HUF (Undivided Family)
  • B- BOI (Body of Individual)
  • L- Local
  • J- Artificial Judicial Person
  • G- Government 

The fifth letter inscribed above the PAN card is the first letter of the surname and the fifth digit is also the English letter. After this, 4 consecutive digits are a number, ie any number can be from 0001 to 9999. The last digit of the PAN card number in the last one is an English letter, which is an alphabet check digit. Explain that PAN card is very important for opening an account in any bank, withdrawing or depositing funds or for identifying income tax depositors.

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Sharing of PAN card information with financial documents or transactions has also become very important. PAN card number does not change with place or place change. Explain that PAN card is issued under Income Tax Act 139A. Apart from being an identity card for taxpayers, it can be used as an identity card.

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