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Parineeti chopra wore such a tight dress, had to do these measures again and again to avoid the camera

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra is very careful about her outfits, but sometimes even a mistake becomes too heavy. The actress once wore such a tight dress that she got trolled.

New Delhi: Parineeti Chopra is considered to be the bo*ldest actress of Bollywood. If she is also called Babli girl then it will not be wrong. But this bubbly girl becomes a victim of Oops Moment due to slight negligence. Once, the actress wore such a tight dress that she had to raise her hands again and again to save her honour.

Parineeti dress

Parineeti Chopra is one of the hottest actresses of Beetown. Since the time of her debut, this lady has always been impeccable about her statement and clothes. However, many times she makes such a mistake in the affair of fashion, due to which she has to be embarrassed. Something similar happened when she wore a very tight dress without a bra.

Parineeti looked uncomfortable in the dress

Parineeti Chopra wore a lavender colored A-symmetrical dress. It had a deep boat cut neckline design, which also gave a plunging look at the front. The dress was made more special in the outfit with a button-up pattern in the front and stripes of red, white and purple colors on the sleeves. This dress did not fit Parineeti’s figure but looked too tight. The actress, who is usually always confident in her outfits, herself looked a little uncomfortable. Due to tight fitting and not wearing a bra, this dress was creating oops moment on the bust portion.

Fans did not like the idea

When the pictures of the actress surfaced on social media, people did not want to pay attention to the body details. Annoyed by these clothes, users termed Parineeti’s decision to wear this dress without bra as ‘frivolous’ and ‘unsightly’. She even described it as a ‘cheap way to get attention’. People advised Parineeti to ‘dress according to the figure’. Even the fans of the actress herself got angry seeing these clothes and they had also advised the actress to ‘dress wisely’ and even ‘change stylist’.




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