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Pawan Singh’s first blast of the year, Bhojpuri song ‘Aa Jaihe Panch Ke’ got millions of views in 1 day

Bhojpuri Song: Bhojpuri’s powerstar Pawan Singh has started the year 2022 with a bang. The music video ‘Aa Jaihe Paanch Ke’, released on the day of his birthday, has got millions of views in a day. His video is going viral on the internet.

Powerstar Pawan Singh of Bhojpuri cinema has shown his power to his opponents in the beginning of the new year 2022. His new music video has become popular among the audience as soon as it is released. The new song ‘Aa Jaihe Panch Ke’ was released on the occasion of his birthday. It has been seen more than one and a half million times till now i.e. till the time of writing the news. This is going viral on the internet. So many million views means that the fans have given a wonderful birthday gift to their favorite star.

The song ‘Aa Jaihe Panch Ke’ by Pawan Singh was released from the YouTube channel of JP Star Pictures Bhojpuri. Through this song, it has happened for the first time that a star has used a helicopter in a music video. Not only this, he has also shown bike stunts in it, which is amazing. Pawan Singh is also the first star to show such a stunt in Bhojpuri. Due to these few features, this video has got more than seven and a half million views and more than two lakh likes.

At the same time, his fans are very happy about Pawan’s song ‘Aa Jaihe Paanch Ke’. People have given him as a view return gift on his birthday. Said that ‘This is a real song, when the voice is heard in the ears, then the heart gets relief. Your voice made my heart and mind giddy. Some fans said that ‘the meter of Pawan Singh’s song is so fast that no one can wander around him.’ In such a situation, Pawan also thanked his fans and said that ‘this song is becoming a hit with the blessings of the public. . Thank you for celebrating the way you have celebrated my birthday. This is your song, listen with all your heart and keep your love.

Let us tell you that Pawan Singh has sung this banging song in collaboration with Anupama Yadav and in this song, the glamorous Dimple Singh is seen with him. The chemistry of both is also being liked by the audience. Lyrics is by Roshan Singh Vishwas. Music is by Priyanshu Singh. The director is Manoj Narayan. PRO is Ranjan Sinha.



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