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Pensioners: Big News! 51,848 rupees will be available every month after retirement, know these rules and eligibility related to pension,check details

Pension: Two types of accounts are opened under NPS Tier-1 and Tier-2.

New Delhi: If you want regular income even after retirement, then planning is most important for it. Today, many types of pension schemes are being run, through which you can make the coming time secure. One of these is the National Pension System-NPS.

If you start investing at the age of 21, the monthly investment will be Rs 4,500. You have to invest for 39 consecutive years till the age of 60. There will be an investment of Rs 54000 annually in the scheme and Rs 21.06 lakh in 39 years. If an average return of 10 per cent is given, the amount at maturity would be Rs 2.59 crore.
That is, on retirement you will get a pension of Rs 51,848 per month.

1.56 crores will be available after retirement

There is an option of 40 per cent annuity in NPS. In such a situation, after retirement, a lump sum amount of Rs 1.56 crore is available at an annual annuity rate of 6%. The remaining Rs 1.04 crore will go into the annuity. Now from this annuity amount, you will get a pension of Rs 51,848 every month. Higher the annuity amount, higher will be the pension.

Account can be opened with 1000 rupees

Two types of accounts are opened under NPS Tier-1 and Tier-2. Tier-1 is a retirement account, while Tier-2 is a voluntary account, in which any salaried individual can start investing on his own behalf. Tier-2 account is opened only after opening Tier-1 account.

The annual contribution has already been reduced to Rs 1,000 from Rs 6,000 to keep NPS Tier 1 active. You can run this investment till the age of 65 years. It is necessary to buy 40 per cent annuity on NPS investment. After 60 years, 60% of the lump sum amount can be withdrawn. If the minimum annual investment is not made, the account is frozen and deactivated.

Portable system

You can also transfer your NPS account. You can also change its location according to your need. Subscriber can access his NPS account online through mobile application and system. That is, you do not need to go anywhere to take advantage of this scheme, all your work will be done sitting at home.

Tax exemption

In NPS, customers also get the facility of tax exemption. Tax exemption is available under section 80CCD(1), 80CCD(1b) and 80CCD(2) of the Income Tax Act. Apart from section 80C i.e. Rs 1.50 lakh on NPS, you can take further exemption of Rs 50,000. By investing in NPS, you can avail income tax exemption of Rs 2 lakh.

You can open NPS online

  • To open an NPS account, visit or
  • Click on New Registration and fill your details. The mobile number will be verified with OTP. Enter bank account details.
  • Choose your portfolio and fund. set name.
  • A canceled check of the bank account in which the details are to be filled will have to be given. Apart from this, photo and signature will also have to be uploaded.
  • After making the payment, your Permanent Retirement Account (PRN) number will be generated. You will also get a payment receipt.
  • After making the investment, go to the page ‘e-Sign/Print Registration Form’. Here you can register with PAN and Netbanking. It will do KYC (Know Your Customer).
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  1. NPS calculator would be big help. Also as reagrds nomination facility i have a question whether the account can be closed by the nominee and what are the withdrawal opttions

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