Petrol Diesel Price: New rates of petrol diesel released, know your city prices

Petrol Price Today: Petrol Diesel Prices Released Instantly, Check Today's New Rates
Petrol Price Today: Petrol Diesel Prices Released Instantly, Check Today's New Rates

Petrol Diesel Price: In February, the price of petrol diesel was increased by 16 days. In February, petrol in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 4.74 and diesel by Rs 4.52.

New Delhi. There is a boom in the price of crude oil in the international market. Brent closed above $ 64 a barrel on Friday. Here the common man is relieved by the price of petrol diesel in the country. Oil in the domestic marketing companies (Oil marketing companies (OMCs) have not increased prices today continued the 21st day of petrol and diesel. The first arrived on 27 February, the price of petrol (Petrol Diesel Price) historical levels.

Countries Petrol is Rs 91.17 per liter and diesel is Rs 81.47 per liter in the capital of Delhi. These prices are at an all-time high. The common man is currently relieved at the time of elections to the Legislative Assembly in 5 states of the country.

February Petrol becomes expensive by Rs 5

In the month of February, the price of petrol diesel was increased for 16 days. In February, petrol in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 4.74 and diesel by Rs 4.52. Petrol has been costlier by Rs 7.36 since January 1 in the country’s capital, Delhi. Similarly, diesel has become expensive by Rs 7.60. From the new year till now, the price of petrol diesel has increased in 25 installments.

Know what is the price of petrol diesel in your city today


Petrol Price

Diesel Price

Delhi Rs.96.47 Per Litre Rs.87.33 Per Litre
Mumbai Rs.102.64 Per Litre Rs.94.76 Per Litre
Kolkata Rs.96.4 Per Litre Rs.90.18 Per Litre
Chennai Rs.97.74 Per Litre Rs.91.97 Per Litre
Noida Rs.93.8 Per Litre Rs.87.81 Per Litre
Bangalore Rs.99.69 Per Litre Rs.92.58 Per Litre
Bhopal Rs.104.65 Per Litre Rs.95.96 Per Litre
Chandigarh Rs.92.78 Per Litre Rs.86.97 Per Litre
Patna Rs.98.55 Per Litre Rs.92.64 Per Litre
Lucknow Rs.93.69 Per Litre Rs.87.73 Per Litre

Check here how much petrol diesel is being sold in your city

Cities Petrol Price Diesel Price
Agra INR 93.39 INR 87.42
Ahmedabad INR 93.4 INR 94.03
Aligarh INR 93.75 INR 87.74
Allahabad INR 93.59 INR 87.65
Ambala INR 93.7 INR 87.41
Amravati INR 104.07 INR 96.22
Aurangabad INR 99.91 INR 93.92
Bareilly INR 93.74 INR 87.76
Belgaum INR 99.5 INR 92.44
Bhopal INR 104.65 INR 95.96
Chandigarh INR 92.78 INR 86.97
Chennai INR 97.74 INR 91.97
Coimbatore INR 98.19 INR 92.43
Cuttack INR 97.52 INR 95.45
Dehradun INR 93.96 INR 88.01
Dindigul INR 98.57 INR 92.8
Erode INR 98.25 INR 92.49
Faridabad INR 94.54 INR 88.19
Ghaziabad INR 93.6 INR 87.62
Gulbarga INR 99.44 INR 92.38
Guntur INR 102.6 INR 96.94
Gurgaon INR 94.25 INR 87.92
Guwahati INR 92.18 INR 86.89
Hyderabad INR 100.26 INR 95.19
Indore INR 104.68 INR 96.02
Jabalpur INR 104.65 INR 95.99
Jaipur INR 103.09 INR 96.29
Jalgaon INR 103.77 INR 94.39
Jammu INR 95.98 INR 87.92
Jamnagar INR 93.32 INR 93.96
Jamshedpur INR 92.52 INR 92.13
Jodhpur INR 102.93 INR 96.15
Kakinada INR 102.79 INR 97.06
Kannur INR 96.83 INR 92.3
Kanpur INR 93.35 INR 87.4
Karnal INR 93.7 INR 87.4
Karur INR 98.03 INR 92.28
Kolhapur INR 102.84 INR 93.52
Kolkata INR 96.4 INR 90.18
Kota INR 102.6 INR 95.83
Kozhikode INR 96.88 INR 92.34
Kurnool INR 102.93 INR 97.24
Lucknow INR 93.69 INR 87.73
Ludhiana INR 98.03 INR 89.74
Madurai INR 98.3 INR 92.55
Malappuram INR 97.31 INR 92.75
Mangalore INR 98.89 INR 91.81
Meerut INR 93.38 INR 87.43
Mumbai INR 102.64 INR 94.76
Mysore INR 99.25 INR 92.18
Nagercoil INR 98.61 INR 92.85
Nagpur INR 102.42 INR 93.12
Nanded INR 104.78 INR 95.38
NASIK INR 103 INR 93.65
Nellore INR 102.93 INR 97.18
Newdelhi INR 96.47 INR 87.33
Noida INR 93.8 INR 87.81
Patna INR 98.55 INR 92.64
Pondicherry INR 96.65 INR 90.9
Pune INR 102.24 INR 92.91
Raipur INR 94.66 INR 94.46
Rajkot INR 93.17 INR 93.83
Ranchi INR 92.63 INR 92.28
Ratlam INR 104.48 INR 95.82
Salem INR 98.57 INR 92.8
Sangli INR 102.42 INR 93.12
Shimla INR 94.02 INR 86.47
Shimoga INR 101.02 INR 93.72
Solapur INR 102.56 INR 93.24
Srinagar INR 99.55 INR 90.97
Surat INR 93.41 INR 94.07
Thane INR 102.72 INR 94.84
Thanjavur INR 98.33 INR 92.58
Thrissur INR 97.13 INR 92.56
Tirunelveli INR 98.05 INR 92.31
Udaipur INR 103.83 INR 96.97
Udupi INR 99.15 INR 92.05
Vadodara INR 93.06 INR 93.7
Varanasi INR 94.42 INR 88.4
Vellore INR 98.92 INR 93.1
Warangal INR 99.8 INR 94.76

Prices change every day.

Tell us that the prices of petrol and diesel change at 6 am every day . The new rates are applicable from 6 o’clock in the morning. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles. Petrol and diesel prices change every day, depending on what the prices of crude are in the international market along with the foreign exchange rates.

Check petrol diesel prices like this

You can find out the price of petrol diesel through SMS. Petrol diesel prices are updated daily at 6 am. According to the website of IndianOil, you have to type your city code with RSP and send an SMS to the number 9224992249. Each city code is different. You can see this from the website of IOCL. At the same time, you can know the price of petrol diesel in your city by sending message to BPCL Customer RSP 9223112222 and HPCL Customer HPPrice by sending 9222201122 message.

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