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PF account: You can also check your PF account balance without UAN, know step by step process

New Delhi, Business Desk. If you are an EPFO ​​member and want to check your EPF account balance, but have forgotten the UAN number, there is nothing to worry about. You can also check your PF account balance (EPF balance) without UAN number and withdraw from your PF account. Here, tell us that Universal Account Number ie UAN is a 12 digit unique number. It is a permanent number and is valid for the entire lifetime of an EPFO ​​member.

Know PF account balance in this way without UAN

step 1. First of all, log on to the EPFO ​​website

Step-2. After this, click on the link “Click Here to Know your EPF Balance”.

Step-3. Now you will be redirected to After this you have to click on the “Member Balance Information” tab.

Step 4. Here you have to choose your state and click on your EPFO ​​office link.

Step-5. Now you have to enter your PF account number, name and registered mobile number.

Step-6. After this you have to click submit. With this, you will see your PF balance on the screen.

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Process for withdrawal from PF account without UAN

If the EPFO ​​member does not have a UAN number, you will have to fill a PF withdrawal form for withdrawal from the PF account. After filling this form, you will have to submit it to the local PF office. EPF members can download the Aadhaar-based Composite Claim Form or Non-Aadhaar Composite Claim Form through the Internet. After this, partial or full withdrawal can be done from the PF account by filling this form.

Explain that the employees can make full withdrawal from the EPF account if they have retired or the employee has been unemployed for more than two months. If an EPF member remains unemployed for a month, he can withdraw 75 percent of his total PF amount from the pension fund.



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