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Platform Tickets Rules: Big News! Train travel can also be done with Platform Tickets, know how

New Delhi. Due to the festive season, Platform Tickets Rules is going on everywhere. Everyone wants to travel comfortably in the train. But not having a confirmed ticket creates a problem. But do you know that if you want to travel in an emergency and you do not have a confirmed ticket, then your plate form ticket can be useful for you at this time. You can travel further than that. You just have to do one thing. What is that, let us tell you. We are going to tell you one such rule of Indian Railways. Which can ease your problem. This rule gives you a good option to travel without reservation.

What does the rule say –

According to a special rule of Indian Railways, if you do not have a reservation ticket. Still, if you want to travel by train, you can still travel. All you have to do is buy a platform ticket. It will be of great use to you. When the ticket checker comes to you, show it or go to him and get the ticket made.

It is necessary to follow these rules

For the convenience of the passengers, the rules of travel on this platform ticket have been made by the Railways itself. If you are also traveling with platform ticket. So the ticket will have to be made from the ticket checker without delay. If you have a platform ticket, then it is proof of the station from which you have started your journey. Accordingly, your ticket is made.

Just have to pay so much money

If you travel with Platform Tickets, then you will have to pay a fee of Rs 250. TTE platform generates ticket as per ticket. If you do not get tickets made by yourself or are found without tickets. So the ticket checker can charge you the fee from the originating point to the destination point. Therefore, this option is applicable on emergency, not adopting it forever. You need to be careful while traveling by platform ticket. It should not always be used.

Can’t stop traveling

If you have plate form ticket but seat is not vacant in bogie then you cannot get seat. Yes, it definitely has the advantage that TC cannot stop you from traveling. In the condition of not having a reservation ticket, a penalty charge of Rs 250 can be imposed on you. Travel can be done by paying the full amount of the travel ticket.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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