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PM Modi said in ‘Davos Agenda’ – India controls the corona and saves the world from major tragedy

During his address on the Davos agenda, PM Modi said that India did not let disappointment dominate itself even during the Corona epidemic. We prepared a special infrastructure for Corona and prepared the people for the war against Corona. Every person in India performed their duties with patience and turned the fight against Corona into a mass movement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogue through video conferencing. During his address in Davos Agenda, PM Modi said that you have kept this important stage of the economy alive even in this difficult time. How the world’s economies will grow is the biggest question today. He said that on behalf of India, I have brought a message of hope and positiveness to the world.

PM Modi said that when the corona arrived, the difficulties were not less in front of India. In March-April last year, what the famous experts of the world said. When someone had said that there was a tsunami of corona infection in India, someone had predicted the death of more than two million people. Seeing the situation, the concern of the world was also valid for a developing country like India.

‘India saved the world from tragedy’

PM Modi said that India did not allow despair to dominate itself even at such a time. We prepared a special infrastructure for Corona and prepared the people for the war against Corona. Every person in India performed their duties with patience and turned the fight against Corona into a mass movement. India today is in those countries which have been successful in saving the lives of more and more of its citizens.

The Prime Minister said that it would not be appropriate to measure the success of India with the success of any one country. The country, which has 18 per cent of the world’s population, has also saved the entire humanity from great tragedy by taking effective control over the corona. When Corona started, we used to ask for masks, PPE kits, test kits from outside, today we are not only fulfilling our needs but also sending them to other countries and serving the citizens there. Today, India is the one who has started the world’s largest corona vaccination program.

‘Global responsibility played from the beginning’

On the Corona Vaccination Program, PM Modi said that you can estimate the speed of India from the same fact that in just 12 days we have given vaccination to more than 2.3 million of our health workers. He said that the whole world should be healthy, following this thousands of years old prayer of India, in this time of crisis, India has fulfilled its global responsibility from the beginning.

PM Modi said that when air space was closed in many countries of the world, besides sending more than one lakh citizens to their country, India also sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries. India gave online training to health workers of many countries. Today, India is saving the lives of the citizens of other countries of the world by sending the Corona vaccine to many countries and preparing the infrastructure related to vaccination there. Right now two vaccines of India have come in the world but in the coming time many more vaccines are coming from India.

‘Strengthening the world with self-reliant India’

Assuring the world’s economy, PM Modi said that the situation will change rapidly even on the economic front. Even during the time of Corona, India had started economic activities by starting a project of crores of rupees for infrastructure, running special schemes for employment. Then we insisted on saving every single life, now every single life of India has gathered with the whole life for the progress of the country. Now India is moving forward with a resolve to become self-reliant which will also strengthen the global environment.

The PM said that every success of India will help in the success of the whole world. The self-sustaining campaign that we are running today is also fully committed to global goods and the global supply chain. India has both the capability and the ability to strengthen the global supply chain. At the same time, India is also a trusted partner.

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‘Always remember human values’

PM Modi said that India is fast matching its development with the goals of climate change. He said that the Corona disaster has reminded us again the value of humanism. We have to remember that Industry 4.0 is not for robots but for humans. We have to make sure that technology supports everyone, not some kind of trap.

More than 400 top industry representatives from all over the world are participating in the program. In this program, PM Modi gave his views on the session on ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution – Use of Technology for the betterment of humanity’. The online Davos Agenda Summit of the World Economic Forum has started on Sunday night. The WEF’s regular annual conference will be held in Singapore in May this year rather than in Davos, Switzerland.


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