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Post office joint account open and earn 4950 rupees per month, check details here

Post Office- There are some small savings schemes in the post office, where you can get money every month by opening a joint account.

New Delhi . There are some small savings schemes in the post office, where a joint account can also be opened. The Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) of the Post Office is also in these, where joint accounts get tremendous benefits. In this special scheme of many types from the Post Office, the money of the investors is completely guaranteed, that is, your money does not have any kind of risk.

Know what is this scheme?

A special scheme is run by the post office, through which both husband and wife together can earn Rs 59,400 annually. The name of this scheme is Post Office Monthly Savings Scheme (Post Office MIS), through which you earn fixed income every month. If you talk about monthly earnings, then you can earn Rs 4950 every month in this. You can also open a joint account in it.

Let us tell you how you will get double benefit in this scheme…

You will earn so much annually,

In this scheme, through a joint account, your profit doubles in it. Today, we are giving you complete information about this special scheme, how by joining it, the husband wife can earn up to Rs 59,400 annually through this scheme.

What is MIS Scheme?

The account opened in MIS scheme can be opened both in single and joint mode. You can invest a minimum of Rs 1,000 and a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh in this scheme while opening a personal account. But, up to a maximum of Rs 9 lakh can be deposited in a joint account. This scheme is very beneficial for retired employees and senior citizens.

What are the benefits?

The good thing about MIS is that two or three people together can open a joint account. The income received in exchange for this account is given equally to every member. You can convert a joint account to a single account at any time. Single account can also be converted into joint account. To make any changes in the account, a joint application has to be given by all the account members.

How does the plan work?

Let us tell you that in this scheme you are getting annual interest at the rate of 6.6 percent at present. Under the scheme, returns are calculated on the basis of annual interest on your total deposits. In this, your total return is made on an annual basis. Therefore it is divided into 12 parts according to every month. You can add this part to your account every month. If you do not need it on a monthly basis, then by adding this amount to the principal amount, you get interest on it.

Know how the income will be?

Suppose a husband and wife have invested Rs 9 lakh in a joint account under this scheme. The annual return on a deposit of 9 lakhs at 6.6 per cent interest rate will be Rs 59,400. If it is divided into 12 parts, then it will be Rs 4950 monthly. That is, you can ask for Rs 4950 in your account every month. At the same time, your principal amount will be kept completely safe. If you want, you can extend the scheme after 5 years and for 5-5 years.

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