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Post Office Scheme: Get Rs 35 lakh at once by depositing Rs 50 daily, know about the scheme

Post Office Schemes: Many types of saving schemes are run by the Post Office. Investing money in post office is considered risk-free. That’s why a large number of people invest money in its schemes. You can also earn good profits by investing money in this scheme.

Indian Post Office (Post Office Schemes) runs many types of savings schemes. Crores of people are getting good returns by investing in post office schemes. That’s why people invest money in post office schemes. Investing money in post office is considered risk-free. People want to invest their money in schemes with safe and better returns. One such scheme of the post office is Gram Suraksha Yojana. For this scheme, you can get a return of Rs 35 lakh by saving just Rs 50 every day.

Who can invest?

Gram Suraksha Yojana is part of the Rural Postal Life Insurance Schemes Programme. This insurance policy was launched in the year 1995 for the rural people of the country. People between 19 years to 55 years can invest in Gram Suraksha Yojana.

Investments ranging from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 10 lakh can be made in this scheme. There are many options available to pay the premium. You can pay the premium on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.

This is how you will earn money

According to the information given about Gram Suraksha Yojana, if a person invests Rs 1,515 every month i.e. just Rs 50 per day in this scheme, then he can get a return of up to Rs 35 lakh. If you buy Gram Suraksha Scheme at the age of 19 years, you will have to pay a premium of Rs 1,515 for 55 years.

This way you will get 35 lakhs

If you take this scheme till the age of 58 years, then you will have to pay Rs 1463 every month and for 60 years you will have to pay Rs 1411 every month. If you miss paying the premium, you can deposit it within 30 days. If we look at the returns of this scheme, the investor will get a maturity benefit of Rs 31.60 lakh on an investment of 55 years, Rs 33.40 lakh on an investment of 58 years and Rs 34.60 lakh on an investment of 60 years.

What is special?

Under the Gram Suraksha Yojana, this amount is given to the person after he completes 80 years of age. If the person has died, this amount goes to the legal heir of the person. The customer can surrender the Gram Suraksha Scheme after 3 years of purchasing it. However, in that case there is no benefit associated with it.

The biggest attraction of the policy is the bonus offered by India Post and the last declared bonus is Rs 60 per year for every Rs 1,000.

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