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PPF calculation: Deposit Rs 9000 every month, Get 2.36 crores, See PPF calculation details

PPF Investment: Public Provident Fund ie PPF is a great option for investment. Guaranteed returns are available in this. Interest and maturity amount are tax free.

New Delhi: Public Provident Fund (PPF Investment Plan) is considered to be the most popular investment plan of Small Savings Scheme. Public Provident Fund i.e. PPF scheme is a great option for investment, which gives many benefits. In this, along with excellent interest, you get the benefit of tax exemption. There is no risk of sinking money on investing in it and returns are guaranteed.

For investing in PPF scheme, any account holder can open an account in the nearest post office and invest a minimum of Rs 1000 and a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh. The PPF account matures in 15 years and currently investors are being given interest at the rate of 7.1 per cent (PPF Interest Rates 7.1), but if the investor needs money in between, he can withdraw 40 per cent under the partial withdrawal rule. Can withdraw the amount. The amount invested in this gets the benefit of tax exemption under 80C. The investment of this scheme has been placed in the E-E-E category. This means that your investment, interest and maturity amount all three are completely tax free.

  • If invested in PPF account with the right plan, the investor can become a millionaire. Let us understand the calculation.
  • If you invest Rs 9000 every month, then for you it is Rs 300 per day. The PPF calculator shows that a monthly investment of Rs 9000 in a PPF account can grow to Rs 29.2 lakh in 15 years at the current 7.1% interest rate.
  • With an investment of Rs 9000 per month in 20 years at 7.1% interest rate, the total maturity amount becomes Rs 47.9 lakh and on investment for 25 years, this amount becomes Rs 74.2 lakh . Whereas, if you continue investing Rs 9000 every month for 30 years, then the maturity amount can be Rs 1.11 crore.
  • Similarly, in a PPF account with a contribution of Rs 9000 per month, with an interest rate of 7.1%, the maturity amount increases to Rs 1.63 crore in 35 years and Rs 2.36 crore in 40 years. This means that if an investor starts investing in PPF scheme from the age of 20, then at the time of retirement at the age of 60, he will have Rs 2.36 crore in his account.
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