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Priyanka Chopra Photo: Face covered in blood and ice cream in hand, Priyanka Chopra shared this picture

Priyanka Chopra Photo: Actress Priyanka Chopra recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram. Seeing this photo, the fans of the actress are getting upset.

Priyanka Chopra Photo: Priyanka Chopra, who has made her mark in Hollywood from Bollywood, has returned to the world of shooting these days. The actress was busy taking care of her daughter in the past and now she has left her four-month-old baby girl at home and has left for the shooting and recently she has shared such a photo of her that the fans are shocked. .

Priyanka busy shooting

Priyanka Chopra is busy shooting for her upcoming series ‘Citadel’ these days. But even during this time, she takes full care of the entertainment of her fans. Yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, she shared a photo, in which blood was visible near her lips and nose. Recently, she shared another photo in which her face is seen covered in blood.

Face covered in blood

Priyanka Chopra has shared a terrifying picture of herself from the shooting set on Thursday. The actress has shared her blood-soaked face on social media from the shooting set of ‘Citadel’. In the selfie taken during the break time between the shoots, Priyanka’s face is stained with blood (fake) and she is using this time to eat ice cream. While sharing this picture, Priyanka has given the caption ‘ice cream in lunch’. Other people should not see this. Along with this, the emoji has been shared while hitting the eyes.

Returned to the set after a long time

Let us tell you that Priyanka is currently busy shooting for her show ‘Citadel’ and is seen working hard for it. The actress has returned to work after a long time. The reason behind this is her daughter Malti. Priyanka recently shared her daughter’s picture with people for the first time on social media. In the picture, Priyanka was holding her daughter to her chest. At the same time, Nick Jonas was seen looking at her daughter with love. Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ daughter has returned home after spending 100 days in NICU. After the daughter’s return home, there is an atmosphere of happiness in her family.



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