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Producer cheated so many lakhs with Rubina Dilaik, actress sold house and car under compulsion

TV actress and Bigg Boss season 14 winner Rubina Dilaik revealed that in the year 2011, a producer had cheated her of 16 lakhs, due to which the actress had to sell her house and two cars. According to the actress, the records shown by the production house regarding the damage caused by the delay in the shoot were all fake. Although the actress was compelled about her commitment, so she had to take such a big step.

Rubina is the popularity queen

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It is worth mentioning that Rubina Dilaik started her career with GTV serial ‘Choti Bahu’. In this serial, she played the role of Radhika and became famous. After this Rubina was seen in the show ‘Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’, in which she made a special place in the hearts of the audience by playing the role of a eunuch. However, Rubina later participated in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and managed to win the trophy. After this show, her popularity increased further.

The actress was cheated in 2011

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Now talking about the fraud that happened with the actress, Rubina while talking to ‘Bollywood Bubble’ told that in 2011 her payment was pending for months. After nine months, she requested the producer to meet her just once to understand what was happening. According to the actress, the production house has shown records of damage caused by the delay in the shoot, which showed an outstanding of Rs 16 lakh. Elaborating on this, Rubina further says, “In 2011 the price of my uplink was 16 lakhs, but to be honest, none of the incidents shown on the record were true. A total of nine incidents were recorded in the record, which was not true.

Insect bitten during shoot

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Recalling an incident related to an insect bite on Mud Island during a shoot, Rubina further says that she was bitten by an insect, due to which she had fever for two to three hours. The incident of that day was cut by the hour by adding to the shooting schedule which was around Rs 1.40 lakhs and so I paid all that from my own pocket.

insecurities and worries didn’t want to stay

Rubina further narrates her pain and says that I was ruined by that incident, I had to sell my house. My own house in the city of dreams. At that time I had two houses, I had to sell them as I could not see any way to meet my commitments and I was not able to pay the EMI. The actress further revealed that she sold cars like her Mercedes and BMW to fulfill her commitments. According to Rubina, she did not want to live in any insecurities and worries, so she took such a big decision.




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