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Property Dispute: Married daughter gets this much right in property after father’s death, know the law

Property Dispute: Most people have some questions related to property in their mind. In this episode, today we are going to tell you in this news whether a married daughter can claim her right in the property after the death of her father or not. So let’s know about it in the news below…

New Delhi: If you have many questions regarding finance, then this news is useful for you. Questions about father and family wealth come in the mind of most of the women. Women want to know whether they can claim their father’s property.

Along with this, some people also want to know that what is the right of the daughters on the property inherited by the father. How long do daughters have rights over father’s property after marriage and how can they claim it? Financial experts have answered such questions-

How can I claim my father’s property after marriage?

According to the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act 2005, a daughter has equal rights over her father’s property as her brothers. Her marital status does not change this right to property.

So the girls being married does not bar your right to claim the father’s property, provided the father died intestate. If the father has left a will in the name of someone else, then you cannot claim the property.

If I am less in touch with my parents and family. I am married and have children too. My grandfather had left some property in my father’s name as inheritance.

My brother is claiming this property, my father says he will leave nothing to me. Is there any right on this property? How can I claim for this?

If the property has been transferred as a gift, for which stamp duty has been paid and it has been properly registered.

He has full right over this property. If he wants, he can give it through will. On the other hand, if the father dies without writing a will, the property is equally distributed among the heirs who have the first claim on it.

In your case, if your father has written off the property to your sister or someone else, then you are also entitled to it. If your father dies intestate, you will get equal share in the property alone along with your sister and mother.

I have recently started earning. My father is a retired government employee, and my mother is a teacher. Both are earning so much that they can live on their own. I want to know how should I use my money?

Understand your responsibilities towards your parents. So don’t feel guilty for not helping them financially enough. It is important at this stage to prioritize saving and investing for your future, and if you have any income,

So use it for your parents. When you are in a financially sound position in a few years, you can contribute more towards their needs. To clear any ambiguity about household expenses, talk to your parents and also give some money every month for expenses.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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