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Property Registry: Rules of land registry changed in this state, now this work will have to be done

Property Registry: According to the information received, let us tell you that the rules regarding land registry have changed in Haryana. Now you will have to do this work first to get your house or property registered. So let us know the complete details about it in the news below…

Property Registry: The government in Haryana is now considering major changes in the existing Land Registry Process. Haryana Revenue Commission will soon submit the report to the government.

It will recommend all the changes to make the entire system transparent and easy for the general public. In the existing registry process, the role of Nambardars to Tehsildars can be reviewed and their functions can be changed.

Besides, consideration is also being given to creating a separate cadre of Tehsildars who do the registration. The entire process of registration in the state will be based on a single window system like the visa system.

The Commission is trying to create a process in which the officer will not need to see the registrant’s face. It will be completely faceless.

Apart from this, consideration is also being given to creating separate cadres for Tehsildars doing registration and Tehsildars doing other revenue work.

The Commission argues that in the current system, Tehsildars have to do other work apart from registry. Due to this, sometimes people have to wait for several days for registration.

The Chairman said these things

The person who comes for registration pays a fixed fee. The Commission will suggest to simplify the registration process by providing all the registration facilities in a single window.

The role of Tehsildar and Numberdar in the entire process should also be reviewed. The commission is currently preparing the report. The report will be submitted to the government soon. Further decision depends on the government: VS Kundu, Chairman, Haryana Revenue Commission

Since the British era, there has been a reliance on numbers to identify individuals for registries. The government has now adjusted all the information of any family in the Parivar Pehchan Patra.

Therefore, the Revenue Commission will suggest the government to identify individuals through family identity cards instead of numbered numbers. Haryana Revenue Commission will recommend the government to set up a single window for registry.

In the first phase, documents related to the land will be completed. Paperwork will not be completed, the file will not proceed.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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