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Property Rights: Can a wife sell property without husband’s permission? Know what the law says

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Property Rights: The wife has many types of rights, which she can exercise. If the wife has acquired her own property then she has full rights over it.

Property Rights: There are many discussions regarding the rights of husband and wife. This issue especially arises when husband and wife are separated from each other. In such a situation, the wife or husband goes to the court and makes various claims and makes every effort to prove herself legally right. A similar dispute also takes place regarding property, in which all kinds of claims are made. A claim is also made that a wife cannot sell property without her husband’s permission. That means first she will have to take permission from her husband. Today we are going to tell you about this.

Right to sell property

In fact, this issue remains very hot in social media and general debate whether a wife can sell her property without permission or not… Calcutta High Court has given the answer to this in one of its decisions. In this decision it was said that if there is any property in the wife’s name then she has full right to sell it, in such a situation there is no need for her to take permission from her husband. Such a case does not fall within the scope of cruelty. The husband can also do the same, he can sell his property without the wife’s permission.

These are rights

Now if we talk about property rights, the wife has full rights over the property acquired by her husband. No husband can evict his wife from his property. However, no wife can claim the husband’s ancestral property as long as the husband’s parents are alive. That means a wife can have rights only on the property acquired by her husband. If the wife lives separately, the husband also has to pay her maintenance. However, if the husband is unemployed and the wife is employed, then the husband can also demand maintenance and can also claim rights over the wife’s earned property.

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