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QR Code Scam: QR Code becomes a new weapon of fraud, accounts of such people are getting empty

The QR code was first created in Japan. But today India is moving rapidly towards digital with the help of this. QR codes are available today from shopping malls to vegetable shops. But now it is also being used for cheating.

New Delhi: If you also online payment ( Online Payment ) while Quick Response Code ( QR Code use) so go careful. Now Cyber ​​Criminals are emptying people’s accounts only through QR code. This code is nothing short of a weapon for thugs. This method of cheating is called QR code phishing in cyber language.

QR Fishing? 

The QR code is a pattern code made up of black lines in which the user’s account is a related data service. When a code is scanned from a smartphone, the data saved in it is converted into digital language, which can be easily understood. It is difficult to tell the difference in QR code. Cyber ​​thugs take advantage of this and change the QR code. Through which money goes directly into the accounts of thugs. This process is called QR fishing.

How is fraud? 

The scam begins after a product is posted for sale online on a website. When fraudsters generate a QR code as buyers and share it to pay advance or token money. They then create a QR code with a higher amount and share it with the person who purchased it through WhatsApp or email. After this, Fraudster asks the user to scan and transfer money. After scanning the QR code from the photo gallery, the victim is asked to proceed with the payment. During this time, as soon as the user enters the UPI PIN, the money is deducted from his bank account.

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What you should do? 

Instead of scanning the QR code directly from the phone’s camera, do it with an app that tells details of the QR code such as the receiver’s name, etc. Avoid scanning any unknown or new QR code found in the message or email. Take immediate action on any wrong transaction in the bank. If you are a victim of fraud, you can complain about it in cyber cell. It should be remembered that only paying at shops requires scanning the QR code. There is no need of QR Code to collect or send money from any person.



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