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Rafale Fighter Jet: Airforce will increase strength, today three more Rafaels are coming to India

After joining these 3 new Rafale fighter jets, their number will reach 14.

Three more new Rafale Fighter Jet are coming to India from France on Wednesday i.e. today, which will join the Golden Arrow Squadron in Ambala. The three fighter jets have taken off from the Merinac airbase and will land in Gujarat around 7 pm. Airbus 330 multi-role transport tankers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force will fill fuel in these Rafale fighter jets in the Gulf of Oman in the sky, that is to be fueled in the sky during the flight.

After joining these 3 new Rafale jets, their number will reach 14. All of them are part of the Golden Arrow Squadron of the Air Force present in Ambala. With this, the next batch of nine Rafale fighter jets will arrive in April, out of which five aircraft will be deployed at Hashimara Airbase in North Bengal. Let me tell you that in September 2016, India signed a defense deal of Rs 59,000 crore with the French government to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircraft.

11 Rafale fighter jets have already been included

Rafael aircraft started joining the Air Force in July and August last year. The first fleet of five Rafale aircraft from French company Dassault Aviation arrived in India on 28 July. Between July, 2020 and January 2021, 11 Rafale fighter jets have already been inducted into the Air Force by the Indian Air Force’s Ambala-based Golden Arrow Squadron, which has been deployed on the Ladakh border. No fighter aircraft in the fleet of Indian neighboring countries are able to compete with this aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

French Ambassador Emmanuelle Lenin expressed happiness

Rafale fighter jets have come to India at a time when India is facing tension in the relations of neighboring countries like China and Pakistan. In such a situation, these fighter aircraft will increase India’s war capability in the sky manifold. Emmanuel Lenin, the Ambassador of France to India, said on Tuesday that by the end of April, five additional Rafale jets will leave for India. “It is a matter of great pride that we are able to advance our schedule and schedule even in the midst of the corona epidemic,” he said.

Rafale’s main features at a glance

Advance technology has been used in all types of modern weaponry Rafale fighter aircraft and it is a 4.5 Generation fighter aircraft. Two M88-3 Safran engines with 74 kg Newton thrust have been given in Rafale fighter jets. These fighter jets can help each other during their flight. Rafael fighter jets are also capable of fueling from one aircraft to another. Rafale can fly at a speed of about 2,222.6 kilometers per hour and altitude of 50 thousand feet.

It can extend up to about 3,700 km at a time, and this range can also be extended with Mid-Air Refueling. Rafale can carry many types of missiles at once. It is an air-to-air missile, which can target enemy aircraft from about 150 km away. Before enemy aircraft reached close to Indian aircraft, this missile could destroy their planes. This missile system present in Rafale is an air-to-air hit system and can be fired up to 100 kilometers.

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