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Railway Auto Upgradation: Sleeper ticket will be transferred to AC class, know this rule of Railways

Train Cancelled: Big news for passengers! Many trains running on this route have been cancelled, check before travelling.

Railway Auto Upgradation System: Very few people know about the Auto Upgradation System of Railways, through this you can transfer your ticket to a higher class.

Railway Auto Upgradation System: Almost everyone has the experience of traveling by train, many people like this journey so much that they prefer to travel by train instead of bus or any other means. However, many times people do not know such rules of Railways, which are very important for them to know. This is the reason why we are running a special series on IRCTC rules for the common people, so that they can know all such rules and information of the Railways. Today in this series we are telling you how to upgrade your ticket. That is, if you have taken a sleeper class ticket then how can you transfer it to AC class.

Ticket gets upgraded

Many types of facilities are provided by the Railways to the people traveling in trains, one of which is the facility of auto upgradation, in which you can upgrade your ticket. That means, if you buy a sleeper class ticket, you will be able to upgrade this ticket to a higher class.

How to upgrade ticket for free?

Now first of all let us know in which class you can upgrade the ticket. You can convert your ticket into third AC, second AC and first AC. The most important thing is that you do not need to spend a single penny for this entire process. For this, you will have to select the auto upgradation option while booking the ticket. After this, if additional seats are available in the train, your ticket can be upgraded. However, if you want to upgrade your ticket after the journey starts, then you will have to pay additional fee for it.

The option to upgrade tickets is written at the top of the reservation form, apart from this you can also see this option on the online portal or IRCTC app. Your ticket is upgraded after the train chart is prepared.

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