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Railway Fine: Railway passenger good news! Now pay the fine amount online in Railways, you just have to do this work

Now you can pay railway fine online. It has started in Vikramshila Express. You just have to scan and pay the fine amount. Due to this, no extra amount will be recovered from the passengers.

Railway Rules: Most of the facilities in Railways have become online. Now fine has been included in this series. In such a situation, a good initiative has been taken by Malda Division in Railways. Now you can pay the fine in Railways through online. Actually, let us tell you that whenever you travel in railways, you travel in sleeper on a general ticket. Many times it also happens that you are caught on the platform without taking a platform ticket. You are fined for this but you are left with no hair. In such a situation, you do not need to panic. Now you can pay the fine through scan from your phone.

This system started in this train

Let us tell you that earlier only cash fine was taken. If you did not have money, you had to go to jail. But now the problem of these things has ended. Malda Division’s PRO Diptimoy Dutta said that it has just started. This has been given in Vikramshila Express. In this machine, the amount of your fine will be displayed on the scanner. You can scan and pay the fine. He told that soon the machine will be given at the station also.

They will get facility

The PRO said that this scanner will be with the checking staff near the gate. Along with this, the ticket will remain with the ticket checker of the station. With this there will now be transparency in fines. Many times complaints were received that extra money was taken forcibly. All these things will be controlled. This HHT machine is being provided on some major trains and some major stations. Considering the response from all these places, it will be given in more places also.

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