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Railway Rules: How much is the extra charge for Tatkal and Premium Tatkal, check immediately before booking.

Railway Rules: People become more worried when they are not able to get a train ticket, in such a situation they apply for Tatkal ticket. It costs a little more money.

Tatkal ticket: Hundreds of trains are run by Indian Railways every day, in which lakhs of people travel. It is necessary to take a ticket to travel by train.

You must have often seen fights for train tickets. People book tickets, but many times they do not get confirmed.

When the train ticket is not confirmed or if the travel plan is made immediately, people choose the option of Tatkal ticket or Premium Tatkal.

There is a possibility of getting a seat in Tatkal or Premium Tatkal in less time, but the fare is slightly higher.

Many people have this question in their mind that how much extra charge is levied on taking Tatkal and Premium Tatkal tickets.

According to Indian Railways, train fare and Tatkal fee are added to the Tatkal ticket. This can range from 10 percent to 30 percent depending on the class of travel.

The price of Tatkal ticket is fixed, whereas the premium Tatkal ticket price may also increase. Whereas you can buy premium Tatkal ticket only from IRCTC website.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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