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Railway Rules: You will travel in AC even if you book a ticket in sleeper coach! Know what the rules are

Railway Rules: If you do just one small thing while booking a train ticket, you can travel in AC at the expense of sleeper.

Railway Rules: Many times it happens during train journey that you have booked a ticket in sleeper class, but your berth is confirmed in AC3. Now instead of being happy about this kindness given by the Railways, you may also be worried whether you will have to pay some extra charge for this. Besides, the question would also be that how did the Railways be so kind to you? So let us tell you that this favor of Railways is a special scheme, whose name is – Auto Upgradation Scheme. Railways has thoughtfully designed this scheme for its own benefit, so that no seat remains vacant in the train.

What is this scheme?

In fact, the upper class coaches of the train like AC1, AC2 often remain vacant due to their expensive fares. In such a situation, Railways had to suffer huge losses due to these berths remaining vacant. After much deliberation, Railways launched this auto upgrade scheme, in which if any berth in the upper class remains vacant, the passenger one class below is upgraded to that class.

How does this scheme work?

We can understand this scheme in such a way that suppose there are 4 seats vacant in the first AC of a train and 2 seats are vacant in the second AC, then the tickets of some passengers of the second AC will be upgraded and they will be put in the first AC and second AC. Third AC passengers will be upgraded. After this, some seats in Third AC will become vacant, in which waiting list passengers will get place in Third AC. In this way, no berth in any coach of the train will go vacant.

Whose ticket gets upgraded?

While booking tickets, IRCTC asks you in an option whether you are ready for auto upgrade on your ticket. If you choose yes option then your ticket will be upgraded and if you choose no then it will not. If the passenger does not select any option, it will be considered as yes.

Will your PNR change

There is no change in the PNR of a passenger when his ticket is upgraded. For any kind of information related to his travel, he will use his original PNR only. At the same time, if he cancels his ticket after the ticket is upgraded, he will get the refund as per his original ticket and not as per the upgraded class.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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