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Raju Srivastava’s condition is very critical, doctors gave the answer, just the support of prayers

A big update on the health of Raju Srivastava has been given by his friend Ehsan Qureshi. After the deteriorating condition, the doctors have also given an answer to Raju. Family and friends are just hoping that some miracle happens. Ehsan Qureshi also told about the meeting with Raju.

Raju Srivastava’s condition is critical in the hospital. It is being said that the doctors have also given the answer, only prayer will work for the well being of Raju. In such a situation, many of his personal and professional knowledgeable people related to the life of Raju Srivastava are sitting together in Andheri West and praying. These friends include Comedian Ehsan Qureshi, Ashok Mishra and his business manager Rajesh Sharma. Rajesh Sharma was in Delhi for 6 days during Raju’s admission in AIIMS. Even today these friends are in the plan to take a flight to Delhi late at night.

Raju’s health is deteriorating

The coming few hours are being said to be critical for Raju Srivastava. There is no improvement in his health. For now he is kept on life support.

Raju admitted in ICU

Raju Srivastava has been admitted to the ICU of Cardiology Neuro Science Building of AIIMS. Raju’s family says that he is a fighter and will return. However, Raju Srivastava is still on ventilator. In the last eight days, there has been little improvement in the health of Raju Srivastava.

How Raju Srivastava fell in the gym and then what happened

Raju’s PA Garvit Narang told that he has been with Raju continuously for ten days. Raju treats him like a brother. Neighbors collected the injections for Raju and gave them to Garvit, after which Garvit gave them to the doctor and got them to be administered to Raju.

Raju Srivastava’s condition remains critical. His condition worsened last evening, when Raju was given injections by doctors to treat some brain. These injections were brought by Raju’s PA himself and a proud Narang took care of him like a brother. Proud has been bringing Raju’s medicines etc. for ten days. Today Raju’s family members sent Garvit to the temple of Lord Hanuman. There he wished for Raju’s better health. Also planted a neem tree. Proud to do this work in Kanpur. After Garvit planted a tree in Kanpur at the hands of Shreya, the wife of Raju’s brother Kaju, he went straight to Delhi. During this, Garvit narrated the whole incident of that day, how Raju fell in the gym, then who took him to the hospital and what happened to Raju last evening?

Ehsan remembers last meeting

During a conversation with, Ehsan Qureshi says, “I met him last time at the Oshiwara Police Station’s Opposite Office. He has his office in Marigold Building. Whenever he used to come to Lucknow, he used to drink coffee with friends. I, Sunil Pal together took information from him that how to apply for the subsidy of films. We used to have such conversations often.

Ehsan further says, his daughter is to be married, the son is younger. Just let the owner make them stand once, we friends are praying this together. The man who has made the world laugh so much, the whole world is also looking forward to his well being. We are all worried and are also preparing to reach Delhi by evening. Just get well Raju bhai and come back.

Raju kills his family

Describing Raju’s family, Eshaan says, Raju has been very protective of his children. Children have been given good values. Antara is 23 years old and in assistant direction. At the same time, son Ayushman is currently studying college. Regarding his son, Raju Bhai often says that man, my son is very straight. While narrating a one-time incident, Raju told that he explained to Ayushmann that now you have to pay the bills of the house, the bills of the staff, you will have to bear so much responsibility. All this has to be learned how to make this payment. Ayushman says scared that Papa, how will I do all this. Explaining to Ayushmann, he said that we have to do it, we were also small, so we used to panic. His family is in great sorrow, may the Almighty give him strength. Had a talk with sister-in-law too, now she gets talked to on message. She says that you need the prayers of friends, keep praying. The condition is improving.

How is Raju’s health?

Ajit Saxena, Chief Advisor to Raju Srivastava, says that this morning the doctors have informed that Raju’s brain is not working. He is almost dead. Heart is also having problems. We are all troubled. Everyone is praying to God. Even the family members are not able to understand anything.

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