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Ramanand Sagar’s great-granddaughter wore such revealing clothes, she would close her eyes after seeing the photo!

Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, recently appeared in a very bo*ld style. These photos of her are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Whoever saw this form of Sakshi Chopra was stunned.

New Delhi: You must have known Ramanand Sagar. This is the same Ramanand Sagar who started a new era by bringing Ramayana on screen. Even today people like to watch the same Ramayana. He died in the year 2005 but he is still alive in the hearts of the people. The sons of Ramanand Sagar have also been in the news and his great-granddaughter remains in the headlines a lot these days.

Identity of the witness

Ramanand Sagar’s great-granddaughter Sakshi Chopra remains in the news every day and the reason for this is her glamorous avatar. Whenever Sakshi Chopra is caught in the cameras of the media, people are surprised. On the streets of Mumbai, she roams around wearing such clothes that even in ordinary life, people shy away from wearing such outfits. Wearing a similar outfit, Sakshi Chopra appeared again and this time she crossed all limits of hotness.

Sakshi was seen in hot clothes

Sakshi Chopra’s great-grandfather made a place in the hearts of people by bringing a very holy TV show, but Sakshi is making headlines with her bo*ld acts. She has carved a niche for herself as a bi*kini and topless model. Sakshi recently appeared in a babydoll dress, in which her nipples were clearly exposed. Whoever saw this outfit of his was surprised.

About the witness

Let us tell you that Sakshi Chopra is the granddaughter of Moti Sagar and the daughter of film producer Meenakshi Sagar. Sakshi Chopra runs a talent company. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California. In America, he has also done a course in film and acting. Not only this, if you look at her Instagram profile, she describes herself as a singer and songwriter. Talking about Sakshi’s education, she studied at Trinity College in London and has a degree in Western Vocals. Her first music video was the cover of Nina Simone’s classic hit ‘Feeling Good’, which was a huge hit among her fans.



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