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Ranu Mandal, who is learning dance, sang Mehbooba-Mehbooba song with the girl, then people said – blood came out of her ear

After four days of moonlight, Ranu Mandal’s life may be dark, but she never misses the chance to be in the limelight. Ranu is always in the discussion about a song and sometimes making reels. Once too she has done something similar but this time the matter is a bit different, this time Ranu Mandal is showing her dance to her fans. This dance video of her is becoming very viral. Fans are commenting on this, although some users are not even leaving the opportunity to troll Ranu.

What’s in the video

In this viral video, Ranu Mandal is seen dancing with a girl. It can be seen in the video that the girl is teaching the dance steps to Ranu. Along with this, she is also singing the song Mehbooba-Mehbooba. However, users are not liking his song.

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What did social media users say

Responding to this video, a user wrote, ‘Now no one likes to see or listen to it.’ One has written – Oh brother, what have I seen, kill me. At the same time, one wrote – At least remember the song properly, blood came out of the ear…

Some time ago a video of Ranu Mandal came, in which she was seen singing ‘Kachha Badam’ song by Bhuban Badyakar. Now Ranu Mandal has returned to her old life away from this dazzling world.

Ranu Mandal used to earn money by singing songs at the railway station. Suddenly a video of her was shared on social media and she became an overnight star. He participated in many TV shows and also recorded a song with Himesh Rishamiya. However, after some time there was a change in his behavior, due to which people forgot him overnight.



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