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Rashmi Desai accused of touching Bigg Boss contestant inappropriately, know what is the truth

Actress Rashmi Desai is in Bigg Boss house these days. During this, a video of him is going viral, in which it is being claimed that he has touched Bigg Boss contestant Umar Riaz inappropriately

New Delhi: The makers of the show are constantly working hard to make ‘Bigg Boss 15’ a little fun. Recently, four people entered the Bigg Boss house as wild card contestants. One of which is Rashmi Desai. The connection of the actress with Umar Riaz seems to be getting deeper these days. Meanwhile, a video of the actress is going viral, claiming that she has touched Umar Riaz inappropriately.

Did Rashmi touch Umar inappropriately?

A video of Bigg Boss house is making a lot of noise on social media. In this video, the actress is seen having some fun. Looking at the angle from which this video has been taken, it seems that Rashmi Desai has touched the butt of Umar Riaz and now there is a debate on social media about it. Many people have now come out against the actress.

What is the truth

Many people have objected to this video in which it is speculated that Rashmi touched Umar’s butt without her consent. They have been expressing their anger. However, if you watch the video closely, Rashmi is teasing Umar by giving him a sudden jerk on his knee. Talking about touching Umar Riaz, if you look carefully, you will find that Rashmi Desai did not even take her hands out of the pocket of the coat.

Rashmi increases the TRP of the show

Let us tell you, Rashmi Desai was a part of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. This show had collected a lot of TRP. For this reason, whenever the TRP of Bigg Boss falls, he is called in the show. Rashmi Desai and Rakhi Sawant are considered as TRP gainers of Bigg Boss and this is the reason why they have been called on the show from time to time as guests.



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