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Rashmi Desai’s ex-boyfriend made serious allegations, exposed the actress’s pole

Actor Arhaan Khan, who was seen in Bigg Boss season 13, has made a big disclosure about his and Rashmi Desai’s relationship. The actor says that he was in a live-in relationship with Rashmi.

New Delhi: Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan were seen together in ‘Bigg Boss Season 13’. At that time, the show’s host Salman Khan had disclosed about Arhaan’s personal life in Weekend Ka Vaar that the ground had slipped under Rashmi Desai’s feet. After this, both of them had a breakup as soon as they came out of the show. But now Arhaan has told such a thing about the truth of his relationship with Rashmi that you will not even know about it.

Were in live-in relationship

While talking to ETimes, Arhaan made many revelations. Arhaan said that ‘I and Rashmi were in a live-in relationship for about one and a half years. Although in the show he had claimed that we have met Bigg Boss some time ago.

Rashmi lied in the show

Arhaan has claimed that ‘Rashmi Desai already knew everything about his first wife and child. But at that time she behaved as if she did not know anything. I have moved on from my past, but others have not. They are still talking about this. They do not realize that my family watches this show and it is not right to bring up this issue again and again.

Rashmi did not talk about coming out

Arhaan said that ‘after the show, he tried his best to talk to Rashmi Desai. But Rashmi did not talk to him. Rashmi knew that I would talk about her behavior in Bigg Boss. But he lied on National TV. She did not want to harm her image.

Rashmi is in this Big Boss

Rashmi Desai is also in ‘Bigg Boss Season 15’. This time he has taken a wild card entry as a wild card. He is accompanied by his last season’s partner Devoleena in the show.



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