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Ration Card: How to add new member’s name in ration card, know the process

Ration card is a very important legal document which is given by the Government of India to the citizens of the country. On the basis of the ration card, you can get essential things like food grains, sugar and rice at a low price. The information present in the ration card is also used to avail benefits of government schemes. Ration card also serves as a legally recognized identity and residential address proof document. It includes the name of every member of the family. Now if a new member is born in the family or a female member joins the family after marriage, then it is necessary to include her name in the ration card. How can you do this work, we will give you information about the same here.

what will be the benefit

Through the ration card, one can easily get food grains at cheap prices. You can update your ration card. With this you will get the benefit of all government schemes. This work can be done both online and offline.

Name of all family members

The name of all the family members should be included in the ration card. As your family grows it becomes necessary to add the names of new members in the ration card. After marriage, the family grows or a child is born in the house, then you have to add his name in the ration card. This has many benefits, including additional ration and a proof of identity of the member.

How to get name after marriage

If a woman comes to the house after marriage, then first of all her Aadhar card will have to be updated. For this, he will have to enter the name of the husband in his Aadhar card instead of the father’s name. Also the address will have to be updated. After the Aadhar card is updated, a copy of the revised Aadhar card and an application for adding the name will have to be sent to the Food Department official.

If a new baby comes into the house

If a child is born in the house or you adopt a child, then to register his name in the ration card, you must first get his Aadhaar card made. Without Aadhar card his name will not be added in ration card. The birth certificate of the child will be required to get the Aadhar card. After gathering all the required documents you can apply for adding the name of the child in the ration card.

How to add name online sitting at home

You can also add new member name online. For that you have to go to the official website of your state’s food supply. There you’ll find many more options, including adding a new member’s name. But it is necessary that the government of your state provides online facility to do this. If you belong to Uttar Pradesh then you can visit this link (https://fcs.up.gov.in/FoodPortal.aspx).

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