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Ration Card: If there is an incorrect or old number in the Ration Card, then change it in this way, the easy way is

Ration Card: If your old or wrong number is lying in the ration card, then change it. You instantly update the mobile number on your ration card.

New Delhi: Ration Card is a document with the help of which you get free ration from the government. If your wrong number is inserted on this card or if an old number is entered (How to change mobile number), then there may be a problem for you. Therefore, you should immediately update the mobile number on your ration card.

Updating mobile number is very easy. You can do this work sitting at home. If an old number will be entered in your card, then you will not be able to get updates related to the ration. Many updates are sent to the card holders through messages from the department.

How to change mobile number in Ration Card 
– You must first visit this site

  • A page will open in front of you.
  • Here you will see Update Your Registered Mobile Number written.
  • Now you have to fill your information in the column below it.
  • Here in the first column you will have to write the Aadhar Number of Head of Household / NFS ID.
  • Ration card No has to be written in the second column.
  • Name of Head of HouseHold will be written in the third column.
  • In the last column you will have to write your new mobile number.
  • Now click on Save.
  • Now your mobile number will be updated.

These people can apply for ration card, every citizen of the country who has citizenship of India can apply for ration card. Children under 18 years of age are added to the parents’ ration card. On the other hand, if you are over 18 years of age, then you can apply for a separate ration card.

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