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RRR Review: Leela of ‘Ram’ in RRR, whistles rang in Rajamouli’s story

SS Rajamouli’s film RRR has been released. RRR is Rajamouli’s first film after Bahubali. Let us know how this film of Ramcharan and Jr NTR has been made.

Films have been made on mythology or historical events in India, but the skill of creating magic on the screen by mixing mythological story with historical events is visible only in SS Rajamouli’s films. The film RRR is also a link to this magic. Rajamouli has shown glimpses of Mahabharata in Bahubali. In his new film RRR, where he narrates the story of the British era, he also shows a glimpse of Ramayana.

The story is such that Ram (Ramcharan) is a police officer of the time of the British Government. His job is to catch and punish the revolutionaries, although Ram is also here for a purpose. On the other hand, Komara Bheem (NTR Jr) lives in a jungle town, who leaves the jungle and comes to Delhi to rescue a girl from his tribal community from the British. Here Ram and Bhima are friends, but later both of them stand in front of each other. The end of the story is inserted in the plot of Ramayana, where Ram, Sita and Hanuman destroy the Lanka of the British.

Talking about the direction, Rajamouli has once again proved how to win the hearts of the public. Made in the mega budget of 550 crores, you will be forced to applaud on many scenes of this film. Especially the entry of Ramcharan and Jr NTR raises eyebrows. You will not be able to find logic in Ram fighting the whole crowd. Scenes like Bhima’s attack with wild animals in the British mansion, Ram and Bhima’s symbolic fight with fire and water will be forced to be rewinded and re-watched. Ajay Devgan has become the father of Ram here, who has been killed by Ram himself, you have to go to the theater to know the reason. Rajamouli is known for his tremendous cinematography. The entire film takes you into his world. Cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar’s tremendous combination of cinematography and larger than life scenes is the life of the film. The film has managed to captivate the audience in the first half, the tight editing of A Sreekar Prasad is such that even in the interval one does not feel like going out. At the same time, the second half is a bit scattered. The coming of Ramcharan in the incarnation of Ram and holding that avatar for the end is not digestible. There was nothing special in the role for Alia Bhatt, who became Sita in the film. Yes, seeing the entry of Ajay Devgan, the whistle will definitely ring.

This film is a treat for the fans of Ramcharan and NTR. In the film, both of them have given a tremendous competition to each other. Cinemalovers will love the jugalbandi of both the South Superstars with Powerpacked Action and Full-to-Emotion. Despite getting less screen space, Ajay Devgan leaves his mark. As the British ruler, Scott Ray Stevenson and his wife Lady Scott, Alishan Doody, have lived their negative character so well that you start hating them. There was nothing new to do in the film for Alia Bhatt. It wouldn’t have made much difference if there was anyone other than him. Shreya Sharan, Chhatrapati Shekhar, Makarand Deshpande as Ajay Devgan’s wife Sarojini have done full justice to their respective characters.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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