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Running with the groom in the desert was heavy for the bride, something happened that people started laughing!

Viral Video: A bride and groom’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Running away with the groom in the video costs the bride a lot. Running away, the bride is unable to take care of herself and due to deteriorating balance, she falls in the desert.

Bride Groom Viral Video: The fun of having fun with friends is different. Especially when someone is your best friend. Videos of fun and jokes with friends are seen a lot on social media. Sometimes they are very emotional and sometimes they are quite funny too. More funny videos about best friends can be seen on social media. Nowadays a video is becoming fiercely viral, in which the reactions of two best friends after becoming bride and groom are visible.

The bride and groom descended from the slope

In the viral video, we can see that the bride and groom are holding each other’s hands. This video has been shot by someone from behind them, so not the face of the bride and groom but only their back side is visible. Both of them are descending from some sloping place. The whole place is of unpaved land and is full of dust and soil as if the bride and groom were in the desert. Some people are also seen in front who are making videos of the bride and groom. But seeing what happens next in this video, you will not be able to stop your laughter.

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The bride could not handle herself

When the bride and groom are descending down the slope, during this time, due to the high slope, the groom runs while descending and the bride also has to run with him. This happens because both of them are holding hands. As both of them are about to reach down, the bride rolls down and the groom walks ahead. Seeing this part of the video, you will burst out laughing.



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